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uRki vIzfnfEt[f (22/09/2002)

Each of us has a hidden place somewhere deep within ourselves;
A place where we go to get away, to think things through, to be alone, to be ourselves.
This unique place, where we confront our deepest feelings, becomes a storehouse of all Our hopes, all our needs, all our dreams, and even our unspoken fears.
It encompasses the essence of Who we are and what we want to be.
But now and then, whether by chance or design, someone discovers a way into that place we thought was ours alone.
And we allow that person to see, to feel and to share all the reason, all the uncertainty and all the emotion we've stored up there.
That person adds new perspective to Our hidden realm, then quietly settles down in his Own corner of our special place, where a bit of himself will stay forever.
And we call that person a FRIEND
                  -- Yaroo!!

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