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·As a Software Engineer with Five years of experience in Information Technology.
·Five years of development experience in Unix and Windows NT environment using Perl and other shell 
scripting languages.
·Three years of experience in Java, Strong knowledge of Object Oriented Design.
·Experience with Internet Technologies and Web/Application Servers.
·Experience in SQL databases, PL/SQL and database development concepts.
·Good exposure to Sybase, Oracle and Informix databases.
·Working knowledge of InterWoven Teamsite 5.0.1, OpenDeploy 5.0 as a  developer.
·Worked in Web, Internet, E-mail, Printing, Data Warehouse, News and Media Industry.


Skills Profile

Perl –  CGI, DBI/DBD, Embedded Perl, Net, LWP, XML, Thread, I18N, Regular Expression, OO Perl, Active Perl, mod perl .
Java – JDK 1.3, JDBC, JSP, Servlet, Internationalization, Mail, XML, Multi Threading, EJB, J2EE.	
HTML, JavaScript, C, PHP, XML, Python

Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MS SQL, MySql, Postgres.

Operating System
Red Hat Linux, MS Windows 3.x/97/98,2000, NT, SunOS 5.7

Web Servers
Apache Web server, BEA Weblogic 5.1

MS Visual Source Safe 6.0, Symantec Visual Café,  ColdFusion Studio
Secure CRT 3.2, SSH Secure Shell, Sendmail, Cron, Ksh.
Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Rational Rose, RUP.
Interwoven TeamSite 5.0.1, OpenDeploy 5.0


Brainbench certified

·Perl Programmer
·Web Programmer
·Java Programmer
·Active Server Pages Programmer.
·High IT Aptitude
·Internet Security Specialist.

Educational Profile

·M.S. in Computer Applications.
·B.S. in Computer Science.

Professional Profile

E-dialog Inc.  Lexington, MA.			Jun 2001 – Till Date


SendNow 2.0 is a batch processing system which requires the coordination of  heterogeneous applications on  various 

Roles and  Responsibilities

In the role of a Software Consultant, I was responsible for leading a team of 4 Jr. Software Engineers in the process of 
design, analysis, develop and testing the modules for:

·Responsible for developing Mail Scheduling which defines start time  of  the SendNow execution process in Perl and XML.
·Responsible for developing Data Preparation Perl script which extracts the MailId, ClientId, mail content, mail list etc. from 
the database using DBI/DBD.
·Responsible for developing Mail Merger - Creating mail by combining the required content for each recipient and preparing it 
or the feeder.
·Responsible for developing eReports, a modular, flexible reporting system to provide customized statements with different 
levels and structures with a system and web interface using CGI module in Perl.
·Assisted in the automating parts of the extract, transform, and load tasks.

Environment	     Perl, Java, LDAP, Sybase, Informix, Oracle (PL/SQL), MS SQL, Sendmail, Red Hat Linux 6.1, SunOS 5.7, 
XML, TeamSite 5.0.1, OpenDeploy 5.0.

E-dialog Inc.  Lexington, MA.			May 2001 – Jun 2001


The application is to move data collected via the webtracking applications, which is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server 
database to the backend Oracle database for storage, analysis and reporting. The application is interested in migrating the 
data contained in the X  table only between the two databases. The table has an identical schema in both databases. The 
application will behave as a one-way bridge with data moving from SQL Server to Oracle. This system uses a batch 
processing perl module called Batch::BatchRun to collect approximately 5 million records per day.

Roles and  Responsibilities

·Responsible for developing the batch process script using DBI/DBD perl modules.
·Responsible for automating the perl script as a cron job.
·Designed and Developed regular expression modules/engines in Perl.
·Responsible for configuring and developing modules based on BatchRun perl module.

Environment		Perl, Oracle, MS SQL, Red Hat Linux 6.1.

E-dialog Inc.  Lexington, MA.			May 2001 – May 2001


HTMLDetect is a simple on open event for HTML email. It is passive in the sense that no action (such as clicking on a URL 
within the e-mail) is required by the recipient of the e-mail, other than opening the e-mail in question. Embedded in the e-mail 
is a HTML IMG reference tag, which is immediately dispatched on rendering of the HTML page. This request once 
dispatched is picked up by the HTMLDetect application running on an Server. The HTMLDetect application immediately 
returns a simple 1x1 pixel GIF in order to satisfy the request from the client user agent. Once it has done this it then parses 
the information received in the URL related to the request and stores this information for further processing. The fact that 
the received request indicates that the client has a HTML enabled e-mail user agent and this is the primary purpose of the 
application, a notification to client of the opening of an e-mail containing HTML.

Roles and  Responsibilities

·Responsible for design and development of event detect script.
·Responsible for developing the database interface for various databases in Perl.
·Responsible for designing database and tables in MS SQL and Oracle databases.
·Responsible for developing the event insert script.

Environment	    Perl, Embedded Perl, Oracle, MS SQL, Red Hat Linux 6.1, HTML.

E-dialog Inc.  Lexington, MA.			Apr 2001 – Apr 2001


A perl file utility which converts an Microsoft Excel (.xls) files  into an XML file. This utility parses the given spreadsheet, 
creates a perl data structure for the values in the spreadsheet and writes it back in the XML format to the output file. It uses 
the Spreadsheet::ParseExcel and XML::Excel modules for parsing and converting to an XML file.

Roles and  Responsibilities

·Responsible for gathering requirement from the Client Services and Sales departments.
·Responsible for analyse the requirements and design of the software.
·Involved in the GUI design of the software with the Creative Engineering team.
·Responsible for design and development of the perl script.
·Provided the means to extract data from information stored in report files

Environment	Perl, MS Excel, Red Hat Linux 6.1, Win32, XML, Extract4.1 and Blue Data Miner.

E-dialog Inc.  Lexington, MA.			Feb  2001 – Mar 2001


The purpose of this application is to move data collected via the mail merging applications, which is stored in a flat text file to 
the backend Oracle database for storage, analysis and reporting. The application is interested in migrating the data 
contained in the Muarchive files to an outbound table, Email Total files to another table in oracle database. The application 
migrate data only in one-way with data moving from text file to Oracle.

Roles and  Responsibilities

·Responsible for analyse the requirements with the Database team.
·Involved in the design of the software.
·Responsible for development of the perl script using DBI/DBD.
·Responsible for developing a web reporting system for the administrators and clients using CGI, DBI/DBD modules in Perl.

Environment		Perl, Oracle, Red Hat Linux 6.1 and ASG-XPATH.

E-dialog Inc.  Lexington, MA.					Nov 2000 – Jan 2001


A two-tier web tracking application which receives HTTP requests from web users and redirects these requests based on 
a routing table. The application logs sufficient information on each redirect event performed in order to provide 
comprehensive reporting. The current one-tier web server architecture is replaced with a two-tier architecture consisting 
of the BEA Weblogic Application Server as the webserver and a Sybase Database Server on the second tier.  Apache 
receives the HTTP requests and distributes the request to two Application Servers residing in the next tier, so that the 
application can handle thousand transactions per second.

Roles and  Responsibilities

·Involved in the design of the database.
·Responsible for developing the JSP pages and Servlet.
·Responsible for session tracking modules in Perl and Servlet.
·Responsible for configuring Weblogic and Apache.

Environment		JDK1.2, JSP, Servlet, Sybase, Informix,  Weblogic, Apache, Embedded Perl, Red Hat Linux.

E-dialog Inc.  Lexington, MA.			Sep 2000 – Oct 2000


A tri-state, multi-level web application which receives HTTP requests from web users and based on the confirmation, 
records the data of the user to unsubscribe that user.

Roles and  Responsibilities

·Involved in the design of the database.
·Responsible for developing the JSP pages and Servlet.
·Responsible for configuring Weblogic, Apache, Sendmail.

Environment	JDK1.2, JSP, Servlet, Sybase, Weblogic, Apache, Red Hat Linux, JavaMail.

E-dialog Inc.  Lexington, MA.			May 2000 – Sep 2000
edialog API


An application programming interface for edialog applications. This package contains edialog specific logging, XML and utility 
classes and interfaces for the use of all other applications which was developed in Java, Cold Fusion, Perl and C. While the 
Java applications directly inherit the functions, all non-java applications is provided with a command line version of the API 
classes to make use of it. The logging classes contains the errorLog and servletErrorLog which store the information 
passed by the applications based on the level of error like debug, log, warning, error, critical and fatal. The util contains a 
class called encrypt which is used to encode and decode the Base36 string. Base36 is a proprietary (E-dialog’s) encoding 
algorithm developed to avoid the possible hacking of commonly used Base64 encoding algorithm.

Roles and  Responsibilities

·Responsible for gathering the requirements from the peer’s and mid-level management in the Software Engineering team.
·Responsible for analysis and design of the API from the requirements.
·Responsible for co-ordinating the peers for the development.
·Responsible for implementing the Base36 algorithm in the API.
·Responsible for the design of database procedures (PL/SQL) for the logging mechanism.
·Involved in the testing of API’s function in various platforms and languages.

Environment		JDK1.2, Oracle, Perl, Sendmail, XML, Red Hat Linux, Win32, SunOS

E-dialog Inc.  Lexington, MA.			May 2000 – May 2000
Edialog Build


A development build environment to build the jar files from the java files developed by the developers in a hierarchical 

Environment		Red Hat Linux 6.1, make, Bourne shell, Perl

IQMIND pte. Ltd.  Singapore.					Jan 2000 – May 2000


An Internet education service portal, offers the Asian community a comprehensive, one-stop gateway to content and 
information, as well as applications and services that help improve communication and collaboration among students, 
parents and teachers.

Roles and  Responsibilities

·To plan the design and development activities
·Develop CGI Scripts for back end applications
·Migrating Perl applications to Java
·Design and implement databases

Environment	Perl, JavaScript, Java Servlet, JSP and Oracle 8i

InterPress (I) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India.			Jun 1999 – Jan 2000


ENet is an internet-based, fully secured, on-line banking system. ENet provides bank's corporate clients with convenient 
and secure access to their accounts around the world. The package offers a cost-effective and convenient way to 
access the information related to the accounts and transact business and exchange information globally across the 
electronic delivery channel. It delivers real-time interactive information solutions to corporate customers. The application 
effectively allows a bank to serve the clients with heterogeneous core systems across branches. The banks can also use 
this application for sharing information across their branches.

Roles and  Responsibilities

·Job responsibility includes developing cutting edge web based applications to help clients to effectively reach out its 
potential and current banking customers.
·I was responsible for designing and developing application to enhance the e-mail/newsletter channel. 
·Application development using Internet technologies such as JSP, Servlet, JDBC, J2EE, EJB, DHTML, XML, JavaScript and 
·Analyze business requirements and develop specifications.
·Worked with the user to fulfill their requirement	
·Design, coding, testing and documentation of high demand Internet  and e-mail applications.
·Develop and maintain the batch processing and real time systems in Perl and Java

Environment		JSP, Servlet, JDBC, J2EE, EJB, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, Perl and Oracle.

CitiBank, Chennai, India            Dec 1998 – Jun1999

Led a team of six in design, development, implementations & testing of an electronic Greeting Card mailing system. 

Developed an application to send a “season’s greetings”  message via e-mail or web after completion of an on-line 
questionnaire. The system used MSQL for storing user input, with a Perl & W3Lite interface.

·Planned design & development activities; selected team member & assigned work accordingly; oversaw system 
development progress.
·Designed the front-end; designed & implemented user information database;
·Coded the application using CGI (Perl).
·Carried out Internal & External Quality analysis.
·Prepared statistical access reports.

Environment		Perl, JavaScript, HTML, MSQL, Linux

Tele Shopping Network			Oct 1998 – Dec 1998

Led a team of 8 in design, development, implementation and testing of a Shopping Cart Application.

Developed an application for on-line shopping from the client’s web site. The system used an MySQL backup with an 
interface developed using Perl & W3Lite.

Environment	     Perl, JavaScript, HTML, MySQL, Linux

Cinema Theatres Group (    Jul 1998 – Oct 1998

Led a team of 6 in design, development, implementation & testing of an on-line booking system.

The system allows bookings of movie tickets through the Internet with ample security and foolproof methods adopted, 
allowing concurrent access to multiple users on critical updates. Transaction processing is implemented with utmost 
attention. This application was developed using Perl, CGI and MySQL

Environment		Perl, JavaScript, HTML, MySQL, Linux

Scorp News 			Mar 1998 – Jul 1998 

Led a team of 5 in design, development, implementation & testing of an on-line sales monitoring system.

Developed the system to invite media industry leaders to purchase photograph / pictures of celebrities, events and news 
happenings. Users must be a valid member of Scorp services prior to any downloads. System facilities include report 
generation & search facilities.

Environment		Perl, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Postgress, Open BSD

Netcafe – Internet Café				Jan 1998 -  Mar 1998

Led development of a Sales monitoring system.

Designed & implemented the database; designed the front-end.  Coded the interface between front-end HTML & back-end 
database (W3Lite – MSQL, Cgi Perl ).  Coded the auto responder (Perl) for purchase and order reports. Created & mapped 
e-mail accounts. Customizing form-mail Script.